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 Title:  Clinical Psychologist / Neuropsychologist
 Location:  Nicosia, Cyprus
 Telephone:  +357 96 850680

Dr. Maria Joannou is a Clinical Psychologist who received her PsyD at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco, California. She specializes in Neuropsychology. Dr. Joannou worked at an Acute Rehabilitation facility in the USA, providing both psychotherapeutic and neuropsychological services to patients who had suffered strokes, mild and traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, cancer, and other medical conditions. She has also worked with adults battling addiction, adolescents with learning, behavioral, and emotional difficulties, and has volunteered on a crisis hotline. She has practiced individual and family therapy using a Cognitive-Behavioural Approach.

Areas of clinical focus

๏  Anxiety
๏  Depression
๏  Phobias and Panic Attacks
๏  Life Stressors and Transitions
๏  Personal Growth
๏  Difficulties with Memory
๏  Attention Problems
๏  Cognitive Assessments
๏  Neuropsychological Assessments
๏  Adjustment After Medical and Neurological Illness (Mild or Traumatic Head Injury)
๏  Family and Caregiver Support
๏  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


๏  American Psychological Association (APA)
๏  International Neuropsychological Society (INS)
๏  British Psychological Society (BPS)
๏  Health Professions Council (HPC) UK